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Quick Hire Swim/Triathlon Wetsuit - Higher Level

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Quick Hire Triathlon Wetsuit - Mid LEvel - 2 Week Hire

For Those who require a Higher quality Triathlon wetsuit from the most trusted Triathlon brands, and, are happy for us to select the right wetsuit for your height and weight we offer a QUICK booking solution that enables you to book your wetsuit on one page.

We have provided some of the products regularly purchased with a wetsuit hire:-

  • Silicone Swimcap [ MyWetsuit]
  • Bodyglide [primary purpose is anti chaffe, but also enables the wetsuit to be put on more easily]
  • Extra weeks either before or after your event,
  • Neoprene Skull Cap, Socks or gloves [makes swimming at the beginning and end of the season warmer and more comfortable]
  • Ear Plugs
  • Triathlon Race Belt 

The wetsuit will be a mid level wetsuit usually between the value of RRP £300 +

Delivery Date: 

10 Days before your event date if ordered in plenty of time before your event. (Standard shipping is 4/5 working days). If you require the suit faster please use the Priority service at checkout.


Return Date: 

Hire Period Starts from The Day After the Wetsuit is shipped (It must be with us on or before the date due back)

The return address is MyWetsuithire, Unit 5, Sycamore Court, Manor Park, Warrington Road, Runcorn, WA7 1RS.

Whenever this wetsuit is ordered it will be delivered by us on or before the delivery date [unless ordered last minute] and should be returned from you by the return date to avoid any late fees.  

Full Season Hires will be due back on or before the 1st October, if you require the suit for longer than this please contact us before this date.


Wetsuit rental

The cost of hiring the suit is shown above which includes a Standard delivery charge of £10 for checking, packing and shipping the wetsuit. If you require the wetsuit faster or to be delivery on a Saturday, please add on the appropriate shipping in the checkout.  


Wetsuit Deposit

All wetsuits will have a Deferred Deposit that will be due after 30days. The Deferred Deposit will be the full RRP minus the rental fee, excluding any postage costs. (The full RRP can be seen at the top of the page)

In order to ship the wetsuit out you must contact us by phone on 02071835116 to give Debit or Credit Card information so the deferred deposit can be taken after 30days.  


Wetsuit Care

Wetsuits need to be handled gently especially when putting on for the first time. Instructions are provided with the wetsuit and are available on our web site. The general message is put it on slowly - take 15-20 minutes the first time. The wetsuits will feel very tight the first time - this is good, and will mean the wetsuit will provide a snug fit in the water. Please read full instructions on our web site -http://www.mywetsuithire.co.uk/terms_conditions.html . All wetsuits are despatched as new and checked before shipping.


Wetsuit Purchase

All of our rental wetsuits are available to purchase - they are the ultimate - TRY BEFORE YOU BUY - you need to contact us before the end of the hire period if you wish to purchase the wetsuit to avoid incurring late fees.


Wetsuit Return

If you are returning the wetsuit, firstly check it carefully for any Damage such as cuts in the neoprene. The wetsuit must be received at the RETURN ADDRESS no later than the RETURN DATE. We advise returning by Special Delivery so we have to sign for it and you have confirmation of when it was delivered. The wetsuit is your responsibility until we have signed for it. If it is delivered a day after the return date we will charge for an additional week of hire, late fees can be seen below. You are responsible for the wetsuit until we have received it. If it gets lost in the post this is your responsibility. If you choose to ship back by non signed for postage this is at your risk and if we do not receive the wetsuit you will be liable for the Balance to Purchase plus any weekly arrears. 


Require the Wetsuit for Longer

If you require the wetsuit beyond the return date then please contact us by Phone and confirm your intentions by EMAIL to contactus@mywetsuithire.co.uk. The additional weekly rental will be £25 per week, or £50 per month. If you do not contact us be the end of the initial hire period the weekly rental will be £40 per week. Note any such costs are not included when calculating the balance to purchase, so it is sometimes easier to purchase the wetsuit.


Wetsuit requiring cleaning or drying

The wetsuit needs to be returned clean and dry. If our warehouse needs to dry or clean the wetsuit, we will pass on any such costs direct to you, £10 to dry and £10-15 to clean.


Wetsuit Damage

If the wetsuit is damaged then please contact us and we can advise whether it is better to keep the wetsuit. Generally any cuts to the wetsuit are charged at £40 each. If it is damaged such that we cannot economically repair or resell you will have to purchase the wetsuit. 


Deposit Return

We will refund the Deposit less any costs of cleaning, damage or late fees within 30 days of the Return Date. Although this seems a long time, in the middle of the season we can received up to 100 wetsuits back per week, it takes time to clean and check for damage and return the balance to your card.


Terms and conditions: are at http://www.mywetsuithire.co.uk/terms_conditions.html



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