Five Critical Factors to Consider when Choosing a Wetsuit 


We offer a UNIQUE service - customers can contact us for friendly and expert advice.  We offer over the full range of men's and ladies wetsuits from the FIVE most trusted brands - 2XU, Orca, Zone3, BlueSeventy, HUUB and Sailfish - this means we can also provide independent advice based on your individual needs.  Many businesses don't choose to speak to you they just want you to order online and ship you the product even thought it may not fit as the sizing charts are inconsistent from one brand to another.  

You can contact the team on 0207 183 5116


It's really important to get the right fitting wetsuit – over 40% of people select the wrong size wetsuit first time.  We understand the differences in the cut and shape of the wetsuits – asking for a person's height, weight will give us a good understanding of the best wetsuit to fit.  We're happy to advise over the phone and this is a UNIQUE service.  In addition we size check EVERY wetsuit that is ordered and we will have a conversation if we think a different size or wetsuit will be more appropriate.  Over 97% of all our orders are correctly size checked – this means that the swimmer gets a great fitting wetsuit and minimises returns – saving time and money for everyone. 

We're so confident that we will send out the right fitting wetsuit that if the suit doesn't fit - we will ship a replacement at no extra cost providing that  

  • You have viewed the video on our web site showing how the wetsuit should be put on really slow to ensure the wetsuit is not damaged.  

  • We check we have sent you the size we intended.  

  • You have NOT worn it in water and the tags are still on.  

  • There is at least one week before your event.  


Price is definitely an important consideration.   

You can also choose to hire a more elite wetsuit - this gives you the option to upgrade on a try before you buy - giving you peace of mind that the suit will meet your swimming requirements. 

Condition of Wetsuit

At MyWetsuitHire all suits that are sent out are brand new or nearly brand new.  A big advantage of hiring a new wetsuit is that if you want to buy the suit after the hire period you know you're the only person who's worn it.  Or if we send you out a pre-worn suit there will be a discount for purchasing at the end of the season. 


We offer a choice of over 50 wetsuits from 5 of the top Triathlon brands – 2XU, Zone3, Sailfish, HuubOrca 

Most triathlon wetsuit manufacturers have an entry-level, mid-level and expert wetsuit. Some base their range on race distance, some on buoyancy, some on body shape.  

For novice swimmers we have a fantastic range of entry level wetsuit and If budget permits, we would suggest going for a mid-range wetsuit as these tend to give the swimmer more buoyancy and warmth. For the more experienced swimmers with a number of key races on their schedule we usually suggest one of the more expert wetsuits which give more flexibility in the water – an important factor in any race particularly a longer distance swim.  The important thing is that will over 50 wetsuits – there's a wetsuit to suit every budget and ability. 

You can of course purchase the suit after the hire period