#OOTD - The Dryrobe Advance - This season's most desirable outfit

Dryrobe Advance - This Season’s Most Desirable Outdoor Brand

The size of the Dryrobe fanbase is growing rapidly and is set to be one of the most desirable brands for 2022.

Designed to let you get changed anywhere, The Dryrobe protects you from the elements, and keeps you warm and dry in any climate. The robe is made using 100% recycled nylon and plant-based waterproof windproof finishing and provides unparalleled warmth and practicality. The Dryrobe is not your average fit, it’s loose and large enough to pull your arms inside and get changed, but versatile to be worn as a coat or jacket

These qualities are possibly the reason it has become an acceptable form of outerwear and is fast becoming this year’s most wanted fashion accessory. The Telegraph recently named the Dryrobe as Britain’s ‘most wanted coat’

According to The Telegraph 12 January 2022

'...Even far away from any water, the Dryrobe reigns supreme as Britain’s current favourite coat – there have been sightings from the Cotswolds to Queen’s Park, in supermarkets, farm shops and dog-walking hotspots’

Telegraph Article - 12 January 2022

The versatility of the robe is immense and they have lots of design features which are practical, functional and bang on trend.

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A Dryrobe will more than likely last a lifetime - they’re superwarm, and have a lot of design details that make a huge difference in cold weather, the oversized loose fit makes it easier to change or just pop on for a warm hug.

The robes are fleece lined for extra warmth and the waterproof and windproof outer shell is made to survive down pours. With a super-warm synthetic lambswool lining and Deep, fleece-lined external zip pockets made from 100% recycled polyester. They have a Huge 'A4' size internal, soft-lined ‘poacher’ pocket and an Internal waterproof zip entry pocket - ideal for phone/wallet. The robes are also super light (approx 1.3kg)

Our customers have unlimited uses for their Dyrobes and use them for many activities, from camping trips, walking the dog, watching outdoor events, festivals and spectating, through to participating in cold, outdoor activities. However you use your Dryrobe, one thing you can be sure of is that you'll definitely use it a lot more than you think you will. It will live in your car or van and be a lifesaver on many a cold morning or chilly evening.

The Dryrobe is available in both short and long sleeve, and a number of colourways - the Dryrobe Advance is fast becoming the new technicolour dream coat. Below, we’ve detailed the top 5 reasons for choosing either the long or short sleeved version, but our team are always available for some specialist advice and info - you can use our online chat facility at www.mytriathlon.co.uk or call the team on 02071834116

Short Sleeve

The short sleeve design is more of a 3/4 length - mid length depending on your height.

5 reasons to choose the short sleeve Dryrobe Advance

  1. The huge versatility for sports and applications
  2. Rapid changing - fast and super easy for arms to slide in and out with plenty of space to change
  3. Easily slides on or off over wetsuits or sports clothes with unrestricted freedom to stretch, warm up and stay warm
  4. The 3/4 length of the sleeve design covers most of your arm and when your hands are buried in fleece lined pockets you get full protection from the elements
  5. It goes on over even the biggest coats or kit

Long Sleeve

The long sleeve design is full length and will cover most of your body.

This is the newest Dryrobe style and the longer sleeves add additional warmth, whilst still providing ample space for changing.

5 reasons to choose the long sleeve Dryrobe Advance

  1. Full length, super warm, protection from the elements
  2. Easily slide arms in and out of the generously wide full-length sleeves to get changed
  3. Ideal for activities which require large amounts of waiting around in cold environments, spectating or waiting to participate
  4. The chunky velcro cuff closures, combined with our unique tapered cut, secure the sleeves to keep you warm
  5. It goes on over even the biggest coats or kit, offering huge versatility for all outdoor activities