Impetus Triathlon - September 18 2021

Dorney Lake, Eton

Water Temperature 2020: COVID19

Water Temperature 2019: 18℃

Water Temperature 2018: 16℃

  • The Impetus Private Equity Triathlon 2021 is set to take place on Saturday 18th September.

    In Partnership with Human Race, Impetus are working to deliver the successful annual triathlon after missing last year's event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All involved are committed to delivering a safe return to triathlon for all taking part, and of course a wetsuit can be an essential part of this, depending on the water temperature at Dorney Lake!

    Dorney Lake, the spiritual home of all Human Race Events, is the location of the Olympic rowing events amongst others at the London Olympics 2012. There are many triathlons held at Dorney through the year, and the autumn triathlons serve as a gauge to how training and early competitions have gone. We estimate a warm 18 degrees as the water is still quite warm from the summer heat. If we get a very warm spell, this could warm quickly as the water is not deep, and in 2010 the water reached temperatures of above 21℃ during the summer months!

    We encourage all Impetus Private Equity Triathlon participants to consider for their open water swimming needs. We feature the latest wetsuits from the most trusted Triathlon Brands - Zone3, BlueSeventy, Huub, 2XU and Mako.


      • Low Cost: Wetsuit Hire from Only £29.75 + Delivery


      • Fast Delivery: We can ship fast by next day courier. If necessary we can deliver for Saturday mornings for an additional shipping fee.


      • Flexible Hire Period: Rental periods available to suit you. Two Week, Four Week, 2 Month or Full Season Hire until September 30th.


      • Option to Purchase: Try before you buy and the rental cost can be offset against the purchase price!


      • Fitting Advice: We offer a personal service where we ask for your height and weight when you book. We will then select the best fitting wetsuit. The size charts are not all accurate and as we hire over 1000 wetsuits during the season we know what fits - we get it right 97% of the time.
        1. Neoprene caps (to avoid 'Ice Cream Head')
        2. Neoprene Socks to protect your feet from the cold and upon entry
        3. Neoprene gloves to prevent your hand sending up like claws 
        4. Neoprene warmth vest [worn under your wetsuit]
        5. Swim Caps [bright so your easy to spot whilst training]
        6. Ear plugs
        7. Bodyglide [anti chaffe]

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